The Blue Ridgers



What is our mission?

The idea for The Blue Ridgers was born after 9 guys from Knoxville, Asheville, Boone, Spartanburg, and Manchester spent the summer meeting up as often as possible to camp and shoot photos in the mountains. A simple group message on Instagram birthed the idea of trying to connect as many people as possible to this beautiful land.

The goal of The Blue Ridgers is to showcase our beautiful area of the country - from the Blue Ridge Range down the parkway to the Smoky Mountains; from Virginia down to north Georgia - and the photographers and other creative people who reside here.

We want to host meet ups and go on hikes together and wake up at 3am to meet for sunrise because we've spent the summer doing it and have finally realized how great a life it can be. We want to build relationships and network because we know how important that is, from hobby to full time photographers and everyone in between.

We want to work with companies and brands who know this area and reside in this area - as well as companies who want to extend their reach to this area as well as use our talents all over the world. Utilize our reach and photo / video abilities for your marketing campaigns and content production. We know how to create content to fit with your brand.

Meet the team here.