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Don't Miss the Little Things by Blaine Scinta



My name is Blaine Scinta, and I am a Brand and Lifestyle Photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky. I have a huge passion for special moments, stories, and all that there is to take in throughout this journey called life. I graduated college a few years back with a Physics degree (yea I know, so close to photography) and I quickly decided that I wanted to do more than sit behind a desk and punch numbers in a calculator for the rest of my life. I made the bold decision to pursue photography and brand work, and it has taken me places that I never dreamed I would go. I’ve had the opportunity to capture landscapes, people, places, and stories from all over the world. Everything and everyone has a story, and each one is unlike anything you have ever heard.


Photography has always meant way more to me than just gaining another client, or getting that shot that will go viral. It has grown me to love people, and capture moments that we dream, feel and are inspired by. If there is one thing that I promise myself I will never forget, it is the fact that everyone and everything has a story. You have a story, and it is something that can’t be taken from you. It’s worth telling. There are so many moments that happen around us that will never, ever happen again and that is part of what makes them so special.

I headed to Kauai a few months back with a group of guys. And let me tell you it was something special. The landscape was unlike anything I have ever seen and straight out of a movie. It was moments like Kauai that make me stop and wonder how special this world really is. We hiked a few miles to the Na Pali coast and encountered one of the beautiful views I have ever seen. Its not every day I hike a coast or climb a mountain, and while these are special moments, there are so many things that happen in between that are easy to be missed. They’re the little moments. We can’t fake them, or redo them, they happen and when they’re captured it helps remind us of the little things we should be thankful for.


I have found that consistency helps me best in the daily process. I love waking up before the sun rises, getting a cup of coffee and going through the to-do list for the day. Whether it is editing shots, planning trips, or meeting with clients, I have always felt that creativity flows better through consistency. One of the struggles that I had early in my pursuits was remembering to be the best version of me through my work. There is so much out there, and at the same time there is such a uniqueness that each person carries and we can’t afford to hide that uniqueness from what we create, as well as the way we capture it.


I have always been a sucker for long car rides; whether it is a road trip or just driving through town. There have been so many times where ideas or revelations have happened while I’m driving and it “clears the air” for my mind to escape the noise of life. I begin to feel free to think. The people in my life mean the world to me and whether it is sharing a meal, laughing our head off during long car rides, sharing serious or funny moments, they help shape me into who I am. Going to new places stretches me and regardless if it is a new country, or a new state, there is so much that you learn about yourself once you put yourself out there.


A few weeks ago, I headed out to Yosemite to capture some of the fall color. Yosemite is a big place and it is easy to get mesmerized by the tall mountains, lush landscapes, and tall pine trees. After that I headed off to the coast. I love going places without a plan. It leaves room for the unexpected to come in. Have you ever felt that some of the best things in life come unplanned? I can recall so many little memories that came completely out of no where, and they end up being the memories I cherish forever.


Throughout this journey, I have slept in cars, camped out next to waterfalls, walked on stone roads that are thousands of years old, and climbed mountains and what blows my mind is that there is so much more out there. I have learned that life is way better when it is shared, and who you bring along with you matters. Regardless as to where you are starting out, you are creative - people are some of the most creative things ever made and that is worth celebrating. 2019 is going to be a great year, and I believe it will be a great year for you as well. I’ll be heading out to the west coast, Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands working brands and people that I love. I am so excited about the moments to come, and those I get to share them with.

If you’re interested in more of Blaine’s work, you can find his website here and his Instagram here.