The Blue Ridgers
 Photo by  Lucas Wiman


The Blue Ridgers team has worked with a wide variety of clients throughout the country from small outdoor shops to world renown brands.

Clients include - Visit South America, Choice Hotels, Glamping Hub, Owensboro Living Magazine, Original Grain, Red River Gorge Cabin Co., Evolve Vacation Rental, VAER, GrubHub, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, MVMT, Tribe and True, Diamond Brand Gear, Miir, Ranger Station, Wonderland Expeditions, Vessi Footwear,, Patagonia Cerveza

With over 5,500 followers on our newly created Instagram page, we average 1200 likes per post and 40+ comments. With an engagement rate nearing 30%, our community is extremely active and involved. We are on a rate of gaining around 100 followers every two days. On top of those numbers, our groups personal accounts have a total of 56,000 followers as of last count and an average engagement rate of 28.58%. We create content for brand’s social media pages and sponsor content across our pages for a huge range of audience and influence. Interested in working with us to produce content or an ad campaign? Leave us a note at

In our first ever meet up we had over 80 people show up to spend the day shooting with us. On the second we had around the same number and people driving to Tennesee as far as from CT, FL, and PA. If you’re interested in working with us or sponsoring the next meet up, please get in touch.